Casona de Perron

Casona de Perron

Phone: (506) 2776.2240

Open:  Monday-Sunday; Lunch and Dinner

Hours:  11:00am – 9:00pm

Cuisine: Costa Rican

Food Specials: Daily seafood specials!

Food: Casona de Perron is a great experience for Costa Rican cuisine.  They pride themselves in having the best variety and freshest seafood in town.  Maynor, the owner is a friendly character and always willing to show you his catch of the day.  Enjoy sitting in the restaurant and feeling the breeze as his place is atop the small hill above the bridge Rio Claro in town.  During the day you can observe kids jumping off the bridge to cool themselves off in the Rio Claro.  Casona de Perron serves some great casados which is the typical Costa Rican Dish (typical Costa Rican meal consisting of Rice, beans, meat or fish, cabbage salad and plantains).  They also serve cold beer which can hit the spot after a day after walking around town for a bit.

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