Matapalo Surf Trips

PavonesCR offers surf trips to Matapalo located across the Gulfo Dulce from Pavones.    If you’re looking to catch some rights, there is no better place than to schedule a boat trip across the bay and head to another world class wave.  Matapalo catches the same swells as Pavones and is less surfed than Pavones.   There are three different point surf breaks at Matapalo (Matapalo, Backwash and Pan Dulce) for different skill levels.

Leave early in the morning and head over to Matapalo.  We can even set you up with some fishing rods for you to fish on your way across the Golfo Dulce and catch dinner.  Our boats will take you to whatever breaks you wish to surf and can drop you off onshore if you would like.  A typical boat trip is around 6-7 hours, it takes about 45 minutes to get over to the other side.  

If you have any questions about our Matapalo surf trips or would like us to set up your next trip accross the Golfo Dulce please contacts us.


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